Our showrooms feature at least 500 beautiful fabrics available in stock, while our catalogs feature even endless possibilities and combination of curtains that you can choose from. With their elegance, discretion or extravagance, you will achieve the desired aesthetic effect. Choose between models of voile, crystal voile, polyester, linen, silk, cotton, lace, muslin etc… We also offer day-and-night blinds, roller blinds and roman shades which are a modern alternative to the classics; curtain rods and additional accessories, as well as full programs for hotels and restaurants.

See the categories below and decide which solution fits your needs the best!

Curtains and drapes

Curtains are like a piece of furniture. They have a way of bonding together all interior elements. They provide a sense of wholeness, bringing to perfection the feeling of a pleasant atmosphere. With its colors and fabric, curtains will turn any space into a warm and comfortable environment.

Not a single piece of furniture has the power to create a specific interior tone as the drapes have. Drapes have multiple purposes: to decorate the space, for glare control and black out, and protection from sun rays. We offer a wide range of materials, colors and motifs, and some of them come with a non-flammability certificate.

Day-and-night blinds

A large proportion of our offer consists of a specific type of day-and-night, or as commonly called ‘zebracurtains that have become trend in the world of curtains. These curtains are made of two-layer fabric with transparent and non-transparent fields, not only for regulating the light, but also for enhancing the aesthetics of the room. This is an innovative, practical and elegant solution for window treatment. It is available in many patterns.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are the most efficient and practical way for simultaneous decoration of the space and light control. They are composed of a material that moves with the help of a rolling mechanism. These blinds are a great solution not only for decorating home premises, but also for all kinds of business premises: banks, hotels, cafés, restaurants, companies etc.

We offer:

  • double-roller blinds: Two different materials are attached to a rolling mechanism, one for light control and the other one for decorating the space. (as showed on the photo)
  • print-screen roller blinds: for protection against UV radiation, but with а light permeability because of the perforated material.
  • printed roller blinds: You can choose some of the models from our catalog, or if you have a special idea, you can even provide your own photo to be printed on the roller blind.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds, also known as ‘packeto’ or ‘raffrollo mechanism’ is a modern style of curtains with a specific method of installation. The fabric is placed on a mechanism of thin rods fitted in certain places of the material where the curtain folds up. They are made to measure, and for any information about their maintenance you will get assistance from our staff.

Kids' curtains

Kids are the only ‘clients’ in our showrooms that make fastest decisions when it comes to choosing a curtain. Their criteria are usually heroes from their favorite cartoons and movies. Kids’ curtains are a real joy for the little ones and will turn their room into their favorite place for relaxing, studying, playing and sleeping. These curtains have cheerful patterns, vivid colors, fluorescent elements etc., and will make their space more dynamic and inspiring.

Venetian blinds

Metal venetian blinds are the simplest way to shade the windows. Made from the highest quality aluminium, they are consistent in shape and color.

Placed within the window frame they are discreet and simple, while choosing the right color provides an added value to the interior. Their installation is fast and simple, and they are available in many colors.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are a popular way to decorate offices and other various business venues. Except being a practical solution for sun light protection, they provide privacy and add to the aesthetic appearance of the interior.

Made of plastic fabric attached to aluminium mechanism, vertical curtains are easy to manually operate by a string. They have anti-static properties and stay clean for a long time. After a while, dry cleaning is necessary.

Curtain rods

To show off your curtains in the best way possible, you have to make sure your curtain rods are appropriately chosen, and match your home décor. They are very important to interior design. When choosing, its shape and design have to be taken into account for consistency with the rest of the furniture, because with their installation, they become part of it, too.

We offer rods made of various materials and patterns: stainless steel, brass, aluminium, silicon, PVC, wooden. We are proud of our latest offering – only in our stores you can find glass rods with different diameter thickness and decorative finials.

Specialty windows accessories

A selection of offered decorative accessories serve to shape the curtains and drapes and adjust their appearance according to your wishes. Despite the prominent decorative feature, these products have many practical uses.

Hotels and restaurants

Our showrooms abound with necessities for catering facilities:

  • For hotels: mattress protectors, blankets, cotton, satin and 3D-print bed linens, pillows, duvets etc.
  • For restaurants: several types of tablecloths, napkins, chair covers etc.